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Direct Private Lender.

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Direct Private Lender.

Direct Private Lender.

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Colonial Capital, established in 2003, is a regional, privately held lending firm. We specialize in providing asset-backed short-term bridge financing. As a direct lender, all aspects of the loan process are managed internally, allowing Colonial to originate, underwrite, structure and fund without delay. Our approval process has been built for speed and certainty of execution.

We understand that the right loan is critical to the bottom line of your commercial real estate project. You need loan options and you need them fast. With over 75 years of experience in banking, finance and real estate investments, we have the ability to structure highly customized loans, offering creative and competitive terms to fulfill the needs of our borrowers and their opportunities.

Through the examination of both the collateral and the borrower, we are proud to be a solution of opportunities with strong properties, developed by a proven and experienced sponsor.

Colonial Capital is a private lending firm based in Phoenix, AZ.  We specialize in short-term, asset-backed commercial real estate bridge financing.

Colonial Capital was established in 2003 and with over 50 years of experience in banking, we have the ability to structure highly customized loans, offering competitive terms with a high degree of flexibility to fulfill the needs of our borrowers and their opportunities.

And as a direct lender and with funds available, Colonial Capital has the ability to fund in days. Our underwriting process has been designed to be simple and efficient. This includes an expedited approval process, ability to close quickly and, most importantly, certainty of execution.


Colonial Capital remains Arizona’s premier financing solution for Real Estate investors and entrepreneurs.

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More About Colonial Capital

Investing in Investors

Today’s real estate market is hot, which means it’s a great time to make money in the market. Housing shortages create money-making opportunities for investors - whether you are looking to fix and flip properties or build a rental portfolio.

In today’s market, you need cash to be a competitive buyer. So don’t let a lack of cash stop you from making money.

We Can Help

At Colonial Capital, we provide financing for real estate borrowers. Unlike a traditional lender, we are direct, private money lenders. We lend money based on more than the current value of a property...but also its future value.

We make loans based on you – and look beyond your:

  • Income
  • Credit History
  • Available Cash

Who Is Colonial Capital?

Colonial Capital is the premier private lending firm in Phoenix, Arizona.

  • Established in 2003.
  • Over 50 years of banking experience.
  • Cash available.

We Finance All Types of Investment Properties

From single-family homes to industrial builds to multi-family properties, we’re there for you.
We provide flexible financing designed to meet our borrowers’ needs.

Our goal is to help you take advantage of all of your property investment opportunities.

    Hard Money Lender

    Our specialty is short-term, asset-backed, commercial real estate bridge financing. We strive to provide:

    • Competitive Rates
    • Funding within Days
    • Highly Customized Loans

    Transparent Underwriting

    We simplify the loan process. We have streamlined every step to make loans fast and easy. Expedited Approvals!

    • Close Quickly
    • Certainty of Execution

    Fix and Flip Versus Long Term Investment Properties

    Our short-term lending process is ideal for fix and flip real estate purchases. However, our flexibility allows us to help people who are purchasing long-term investment properties as well. Which one are you?

    Fix and Flip Borrowers

    • Purchase Distressed Properties
    • Fix-It Up
    • Sell It As Quickly as Possible

    Long Term Borrowers

    • Buy Properties with Rental Potential
    • Fix Up Properties
    • Keep the Property as a Rental
    • Build Up Property Portfolios